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Our philosophy at Pregnancy Screening Ireland is to provide a professional and personalised private care aimed at optimising diagnosis and patient management in a relaxed, friendly and informative environment.

Pregnancy Screening Ireland is not only a medical facility, it is also an IDEA.

Our goal is, of course, to treat patients, help in an emergency, but also to cover the largest possible number of people with a preventive care program and to help them maintain good health. Our facility is dedicated to protect women's health, help future parents and advance health prophylaxis. We have modern equipment and ultramodern diagnostic methods. Our doctors are passionate about providing high quality professional care for women within a caring environment. We believe in taking time to talk with women, providing education and support. We understand that women are often anxious about their examinations. Our patients will receive individual consultations with our doctors, following their ultrasound, with an opportunity to ask questions and discuss findings.

Our doctors are committed to providing accurate and thorough gynaecological examinations and ultrasound assessments of pregnancy and the female pelvis.

We provide:

3D/4D Ultrasound.

CTG a technical means of recording the fetal heartbeat and the uterine contractions during pregnancy.

ECG electrocardiogram, check for signs of heart disease.

A Quantum Body Scan.

In Body Scan.

Blood Tests/No referral needed / morphology results within 15 seconds.

Infrared Vein Finder - vein viewer acquires image of subcutaneous veins by infrared light projected onto the surface of the skin.

Finger-prick blood tests.

Urine Tests.


And more.

dr dorota sanocka M.D. ph.D.

Dorota Sanocka M.D. is a highly respected specialist in women's health, with particular emphasis placed on diagnostics and treatment of infertility.

In the course of her long medical practice, she has worked in hospital’s Gyneacology and Obstetrics Department. She also gained her experience as a scientist at the Institute of Human Genetics of the Polish Academy of Science being a member of the Reproductive Biology and Stem Cells team in Poznań. And in many private health care centers, including in-vitro clinics.

She is an author and co-author of many academic papers published in Polish and foreign specialist literature.

She is a recipient of many prestigious domestic and international scientific awards. Doctor Sanocka’s speciality is her passion, and she continuously is gaining new knowledge and improving her clinic with the newest medical equipment.

Doctor Dorota Sanocka moved to Ireland a few years ago. She has run her private clinic since 2015.

woman's health

Do you know top women's health risks?

If you worry excessively about breast or ovarian cancer, your anxiety might be misplaced. Statistically, heart disease might be a more significant health risk. Thankfully, healthy lifestyle choices can go a long way toward reducing women's health risks. Regular check-ups can help you prevent common diseases.

    What we can do for You:

    Full examination - counseling, US exam

    Swab test

    Coil insertion / removal

    Breast check

    Blood tests if any required

    Urine test


    PCOS syndrome treatment

    Endometriosis treatment

    Recurrent genital infections

    Menopausal problems

pregnancy care

    Getting good care before, during, and after your pregnancy can help your baby grow and develop and keep you both healthy. It is the best way to be sure your little one gets a head start on a healthy life.

    What can we do for both of You:

    Full examination

    US in 4D

    Doctors counseling



    Blood tests

    Urine test

    Blood pressure monitoring

    Your weight monitoring

    Baby's heart rate and growth check



Gynae Consultation this is a consultation with a Gynaecologist €120

Gynae Consultation including pelvic ultrasound €120

Review Consultation ‎€60

Menopause Consultation €120

Additional charges for swabs and blood tests. Price available on request.

Private cervical smear test €50

Cardiotocography (CTG) - a technical means of recording the fetal heartbeat and the uterine contractions during pregnancy €30


Pregnancy Scan ‎€120

Gynae Pelvic Scan ‎€120

Scan to check if coil is in situ (Scan will only confirm if coil is in situ, it is not full pelvic scan) ‎€80

Fertility Diagnostics

Semen analysis ‎€50

Monitoring of the menstrual cycle €200

Consultation of laboratory tests ‎€50

Fertility Treatment

Ovarian stimulation ‎€120

Male factor infertility €120


Contraception 1st consultation €120

Repeat prescription €20

Depo Provera 1st consultation (done day 1-5, lasts 12 weeks) €60

Repeat €60


Coil Consultation €60

Mirena/Copper coil out only €80

Mirena coil insertion including ultrasound check-up €150

Mirena out & reinserted €250

Complicated removal & re-insertion (that means that the strings are not visible) €300

Copper coil insertion including coil and ultrasound check up €150

Copper coil out & re-insertion €250

Complicated removal & re-insertion €300

Complicated coil removal (strings are not visible) €150


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